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All successful projects start with a concept & good design.  From large scale remodels to custom furniture and window treatments, the design team at The Beard Group has been expertly crafting interiors in the Greater Cleveland area for years.  We are a full service interior design firm, housed under the umbrella of The Beard Group.  Our design services include: interior architectural drawings for construction and renovation projects, precise spacial design of kitchens and bathrooms, custom cabinetry and millwork detail, furniture and material specification, color palettes for paint and finishes selection, and everything in between.

We partner with clients to create spaces which are a reflection of our homeowners’ unique tastes and tempo of life.  To find out more about our design services please fill out the questionnaire below or email

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Claire Barilla Senior Designer

As a young girl, Claire grew up inspired by her mother’s eye for decorating and design, which evolved into a passion and shaped her career. Bringing fresh, dynamic ideas to projects, Claire strives to create thoughtful, stylish spaces for her clients. After completing her undergrad at Xavier University and earning her Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from Chatham University, Claire began working alongside Chris and Jason at The Beard Group and has been with the firm for 6 years. Immersing herself in the design/build environment has allowed Claire to hone her skills and grow into one of the regions most well-rounded designers with the demonstrated ability to marry inspired conceptualization with practical implementation.

Isabella Foster Designer

Isabella is a creative designer who loves to find the solution for any challenge. She loves bringing functionality, organization, and creativity into everyone’s lives. Her idea of design is creating space that is functional yet captures the client’s preferred aesthetic. Isabella graduated from Kent State University in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design with a BFA in Interior Design. Her interests include sociology, organization, and working to find many options for one solution. Isabella has traveled the world and possesses a deep appreciation for the diversity of world cultures. When Isabella isn’t working, you can find her enjoying time with her dog, running, or eating ice cream.

Joana Rittmayer Designer

Joana is an artistic designer who finds herself doing what she loves most; dedicating her passion for art and design to bring a little more fun and playfulness into people’s lives. She describes design as the intentional process of creating a functional space that captures a mood and leaves an impression. Joana graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ohio University with a BFA in Interior Architecture and a minor in Marketing. She also earned her Real Estate certificate and plans to follow her employer, Jason on this highly-consultative path to better guide her clients. Joana always enjoyed the act of creation from an early age and is constantly striving to develop new and surprising ideas. She devotes her time to photography, jewelry making, and water coloring. Joana has a strong wanderlust and enjoys traveling and is fluent in German. You can catch her at a nearby coffee shop or the closest thrift store.

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