Andrew J

The purchase of our new home was predicated on the expense we needed to incur in order to transform it into our dream home. Prior to purchasing the home we met with the Beard Group and walked through the home several times. They prepared, as best they could, a detailed estimate of the scope and cost of the work required, based on our needs. We also had other companies look at the job and none were as thorough or detailed as the Beard Group.

With several further meetings to discuss design plans, the decision was made to purchase the home and the Beard Group swung into action immediately. The interior demolition was completed quickly and every day, any mess was cleaned up and there was never any damage to other parts of the home. Internal structural walls were removed, stairwells were removed and bathrooms taken back to the studs.

Not only did they listen to our needs and tastes but they delivered exactly to our expectations. We were amazed by the entire team’s ability to think on the fly, execute perfectly and exceed our expectations as it related to finish and quality.
As we moved through each step of this six-month renovation, we were continually updated on progress against the timeline proposed, and even more importantly, against the financial plan/proposal.

There were even items during the renovation which had been included in the quote, which as it turned out, were not needed to be completed during the renovation, and the Beard Group provided us credit for those items.

We had multiple teams from the Beard group working in different parts of the home at any given time, between plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and builders. We were always treated with the utmost respect and it was never lost on the Beard Group that this was our home – they took great care every step of the way.

As the project continued, we added more rooms to the job such was our satisfaction with the work the Beard Group had performed. We have absolutely no reservation in recommending the Beard Group for ANY home improvement project (large or small). We will ONLY be using the Beard Group moving forward for any additional work we choose to undertake. We are more than happy to speak further with anyone considering the Beard Group and likewise open our doors for anyone who wishes to inspect their workmanship.

We could not be happier – they transformed a nice home in need of some work, into our dream home!!