Kurt L

I give The Beard Group 10++++. Because we have gotten burned by other contractors in the past, we were leery of anyone when considering people for our dream kitchen.

We chose The Beard Group after many interviews to do a smaller scale project to see if “they passed the test”. Then when the time came for the big kitchen project, it was clear that they were right people. They met with us at our convenience to discuss the project and provided us with a free consultation and detailed proposal. There was absolutely no pressure or requirement for a down-payment.

What I loved about their quote was that this was the “worse-case” scenario price – we have a 1920’s home and strange things pop up all the time. Throughout the entire project there was no nickel-and-diming. Going through a kitchen remodel is stressful enough, so I was glad not to have to worry about price changes. Given the large scale of the project, new things did come up but no price fluctuations. They even gave me a credit when I didn’t go with a certain number of lights or a when I chose to go with a different heating option.

They were pretty much on schedule – ten weeks. The project ended up going longer because I added two additional projects to the adjacent rooms. Every day throughout the three-month project, they showed up at 8:20 a.m. and did not leave until at least 5 or 5:30 p.m. They even came on the weekends on several occasions.

The house was always left clean on a daily basis – no nails, no tools, and no dust outside the work space. Truly honest work! Like most homeowners, we inspected the work every day and were always delighted to see progress.
Now, to the most important matter – the people. I know everyone on their team by name and they are simply wonderful people. There were never strange faces in my house. The owners, Chris and Jason Beard, are unbelievably professional, fun and simply good-hearted.

The quality of the work was superb. I wouldn’t accept anything less….and The Beard Group delivered!