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Remodeling in Cleveland

After much deliberation…The Beard Group Ltd has decided to enter into an agreement with Angie’s List to be one of their Preferred Providers in the geographic regions that we service. Apparently we have earned this opportunity based on our history of positive reviews.

Frankly, I wasn’t a huge fan of Angie’s List when we first encountered it. I felt it gave too much power to potentially fickle customers. It gave people a chance to ruin a business or livelihood over a potential misunderstanding or a “he said – she said” with very strict parameters for resolution on the side of the provider. While I still err on the side of the professional when it comes to dispute resolution, I certainly understand the value of spreading the word about quality professionals in all trades and services as well as ringing the bell soundly about those that give the rest of us a bad name.

So here we are, snuggly in bed with the big machine that Angie has become. We have nothing to hide or fear, so it should be a good fit for us. We could use your help, however. If you have anything to say about the services we have provided for you in the past, please go there and leave feedback (positive of course ;-). As long as we maintain an “A” rating, we will continue to enjoy the benefits that come with the contractually obligated monthly advertising fee they charge to be included in their Preferred Provider list. Wait…how is that objective? Oh well, whatever works. For your benefit, I think you might find the annual membership fee ($30-ish) worthwile in helping you select other service providers you might need in life…Automotive to Zoologist

Thanks in advance for your support!