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Another Kitchen….



This completed kitchen by The Beard Group was especially challenging from both design and installation standpoints. Like most kitchens of this era (1920s), it was undersized relative to the size of the home. In this case, there wasn’t an opportunity to move or take out a wall. Doing so would have eliminated the formal dining room or required relocating the staircase. Neither option was feasible. So we had to go small with some things. Notice the narrow dishwasher and shallower counter / cabinet depth in a few places.

The result is a very efficient kitchen that suits the homeowner’s lifestyle. We were able to restore the windows to their original size since we eliminated the sink on the exterior wall. This allowed for more natural light and created a perfect spot for a two-top table. Eat-in kitchen! We also salvaged the narrow oak flooring beneath the old linoleum.

At some point (1970’s), a remodeler eliminated the radiator, making the space uncomfortably cool. We again used an electric kickplate heater mounted under a cabinet with its own independent thermostat. See if you can spot it…