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Dream Kitchen Cleveland Heights Before

Removing two load-bearing walls more than doubled the size of this Cleveland Heights kitchen. Plumbing to a second floor bathroom needed to be re-routed in order to install the support beams. The entire floor needed to be leveled due to years of foundation settling. Window locations were changed and doorways widened to gain good workspace and maximum natural light. Electrical service to the home had to be upgraded in order to support the new HVAC system, heated floor and various appliances.

Load bearing wall to be removed.

Wall to remain. Future location of television in place of refrigerator.

Second load bearing wall to be removed. Currently contains plumbing for second floor bathroom above.

Homeowner excited to get the ball rolling!

Homeowner and Jason Beard discussing last minute details prior to demolition.

Two large radiators to be removed concealed beneath current bar area countertop.

Load bearing wall to be removed.

Future opening from living room to kitchen. French doors to be installed.

Prior to demo.

View from exterior French doors leading to back yard.

Windows to be removed. Future location of Viking range.


Load bearing wall exposed.

Sub-floor removed in order to level existing floor framing. This home has suffered serious settling issues…

Floor leveled, new sub-floor down, second floor bathroom plumbing re-routed and new support beams in place. Time to build a kitchen! Notice future opening from kitchen to living room.

Installation of HVAC duct work, drywall and MDO board.

Cabinets in. Partial flooring and counter tops installed.

Beautiful kitchen starting to take shape.

Notice the custom multi-stage woodwork being installed above cabinets. Once painted, a seamless transition between ceiling and cabinets will be achieved.

Custom woodwork on soffits to copy the door profile of the cabinets.

Almost ready to spray paint (laquer) custom built soffits and woodwork.

Beautiful attention to detail by The Beard Group carpenters.

Once painted, the custom woodwork will look like part of the custom built cabinetry.

Notice how the custom woodwork becomes part of the cabinetry.

French doors have been sprayed. Getting ready to paint woodwork.

More beautiful woodwork.

First coat complete. Getting ready for finish coat of paint

Custom woodwork provides a personalized look that only this kitchen will have.

This is the point in the project where we begin to feel as though the hard work is paying off.

Beautiful paint work. It looks easy, but it takes years to develop the technique of spraying “on-site” and achieving a factory finish.