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E-Design Services

Project PortfolioInterested in our e-design services?  This remote relationship is a great alternative for those needing help realizing design schemes in their home but just don’t live in our service area or don’t want to commit to our full-service level of consultation.
In order for us to get to know your lifestyle, tastes and design sensibilities a little better, please take some time to fill out our e-design Questionnaire.

For each room we are designing please provide the following images:

  • (4) Photos of the room – each wall straight on.
  • (4) Photos of the room – each taken from each corner
  • Any details of existing pieces of furniture, lighting, flooring staying in the space.

E-Design Measuring Guide

Please follow these simple steps when measuring your room(s):

Floor Plan

  • Draw the approximate shape of the room. Please notate the estimated location of any architectural features such as windows, doors, fireplaces or bays.
  • Mark each wall North, South, East and West.
  • First, measure the overall width and length of the room.  Next, measure each wall separately making sure to include measurements for each wall area, door, window or other architectural feature.
  • When measuring doors and windows please provide dimensions for the openings themselves, as well as overall measurements including any casings or decorative molding.
  • If you have a fireplace please include dimensions of the floor surround.

Wall Elevations (needed for any walls with architectural features)

  • Sketch the overall shape of the wall and include the approximate location of any windows, doors, existing lighting (ex. sconces) fireplaces, radiators, light switches or other features. Then measure the location of each item on the wall. (Make sure measurements are anchored to the floor and adjacent wall).
  • Measure the overall ceiling height. If you have crown or decorative molding please take a second measurement which notates the height from the floor to the bottom of the molding.
  • When measuring fireplaces please include the mantle width and distance (height) between the mantle and the ceiling.
  • Label each elevation North, South, East or West so that we can match them up with the floor plan.

Existing Furniture

  • Please provide dimensions (width, depth, overall height, arm height) of any furniture you would like to keep and incorporate into the design of your room.

Wall Elevation Example: