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Let there be light!

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A recent trend in kitchen design is the reduction/elimination of upper cabinets to be replaced by windows. This trend is green-friendly in that it allows you to use available daylight instead of constantly burning lights in the busiest room of the house. It also allows parents to keep a closer eye on their children playing in the yard. And finally, the bright and airy feeling creates the illusion that the space is larger than it truly is, adding to resale appeal. To accomplish this design element, maximum use must be made of the remaining lower cabinets. With the advancements in cabinet design and customization, a lot can be done in a much smaller space. See the attached article linked to the webpage of a peer company of ours located in Nebraska. Also see the above pictures of a client’s kitchen we remodeled this past spring designed by our kitchen and bath design partner Ruthann Capozzi. What do you think?http://starcraftcustombuilders.com/kitchen.no.wall.cabinets.htm