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Kitchen Remodeling Services Offered:

Kitchen Remodeling


Our process always begins with design. A precise set of instructions is required for the successful execution of any project. Whether you choose your own independent designer our use our in-house staff, we rely on the design for accurate estimating, permitting, sourcing of key elements (cabinetry, countertops, appliances, etc.) and in-project instructions. Contact us for a free initial design consultation.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is an excellent option for your kitchen remodel; allowing you to maximize space while achieving a precise look and style. Our in-house design team will work with you throughout your project to insure you receive the kitchen you desire tailored to the needs and lifestyle you outline in our design consultation phase. However, keep in mind we also install beautiful kitchens using stock dimension manufactured cabinets as well. Our model allows for total flexibility in the sourcing of the many elements that go into a kitchen remodel.


When remodeling your home, you want the new materials and craftsmanship to accurately reflect the style and quality of the adjacent spaces. Our carpenters work closely with local lumber mills to select and source trims and moldings to accurately reflect the intended aesthetic of the space. Carefully selected trims are one of the best ways to make sure new space melds beautifully with the rest of your home.

Lighting And Electrical

Lighting is key component to any remodel. An intelligent lighting plan starts with design. We insist that our in-house electrician review and revise the electrical plans after initial demolition is completed to assess viability and insure all updated code requirements are being met. We verify switch and outlet locations to make certain they are appropriate to the flow of the space and insure all safety and design goals are achieved. Often, we make discoveries upon demolition that are not appropriate. Whether it is previously done work to accomplish a hasty remodel, or a past handyman illegally tapping into existing circuits, we verify all exposed electrical elements are to code before closing up walls and ceilings.

Tile And Stone

Our in-house tile setters are top notch. Backsplashes, floors, walls, shower stalls and even ceilings; our tile setters have been setting marble, stone, ceramic, glass and porcelain products for over two decades. Experience keeps lippage and unevenness to a minimum, even in older homes, and allows The Beard Group to order your tile within tight square footage tolerances keeping waste and total cost to a minimum.


With over twenty years of experience in every facet of plumbing, our in-house plumber is at your service. Skilled in the repair and replacement of galvanized piping, leaking drum traps, brass fittings, toilet roughs, cast iron tubs, pedestal sinks, recirculating pumps, cracked stacks, copper supply lines, new stop valves, toilet and faucet repair and more, all of the plumbing work required in a remodel or repair project is handled internally. Best practices are always followed and remodeling work can uncover hidden problems in a home’s plumbing system. Cost efficient, code-compliant solutions are always provided when surprises are uncovered. Don’t leave plumbing to unskilled handymen, or a disinterested sub-contractor. Water is the most destructive force on earth and the number one enemy of any home. Let us help you keep it where it belongs…in the pipes!

Windows And Doors

New construction or replacement doors and windows are installed by our staff when part of a remodel. We use best practices regarding flashing and insulation to insure your new window or door performs to its capability for insulation and protection against moisture and weather. Skipping steps on the installation of a new window or door can be detrimental to the sustainability of a new project and undermine the efforts to insulate a new space. Don’t underestimate the value of a quality installation. Even the value of the most expensive window can be undermined when improperly installed.

Project Management

While The Beard Group “plays well with others” when it comes to professionals outside our umbrella (architecture, design, materials suppliers, etc.), we do insist that ultimate command and control of larger projects always be our responsibility. We are earnest in protecting the overall quality of projects and insist our staff perform all of the work within a given project. However, we welcome the opportunity to partner with outside designers, architects, cabinet makers or other professionals you might bring to the table in the course of planning a project or sourcing key elements. We employ an “open architecture” when it comes to some of these elements as it gives the client more control over the ultimate look and feel of a project (truly custom) and allows for more transparency into the total budget. We reject the “kitchen in a box” concept employed by self-described design / build firms as there is reduced creativity in the overall project and a tendency to replicate the same project from home-to-home. We prefer to start from scratch with each project, welcoming client input into how the design process and key element sourcing should work. If you already have plans, a designer, engineer or architect, we are happy to partner with them to forge new relationships and thinking. However, when work begins, we’ll take it from there and they only person we answer to will be you. Everyone else on site works for us.

Bathroom Remodeling Services Offered:

Custom vanities and cabinetry design

Under Floor heat installation

Custom shower pans

Cabinetry installation

Flooring installation and refinishing

Plumbing rough-in and installation

Custom carpentry

Custom tile design and installation

Full design and planning, including material selection

Bathroom Remodeling Portfolio

Basement & Attic Remodeling Services Offered:

Lighting and Electrical planning and installation


Flooring installation

Cabinetry installation

Full design and planning, including material selection

Basement And Attic Remodeling Portfolio

Design Services:

The Beard Group, Ltd. provides full-service interior design for projects large and small. Our in-house designer works closely with our team of carpenters to create real-world designs, which meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

Floor Planning and Space Planning

Custom Cabinetry design

Construction-ready drawings

Project Management

Material Selection

E-Design Services

Material selections include:
-Window Treatments
-Plumbing fixtures

The Design Process:

Complimentary 1 hour consultation

Begin design process, creating an initial design with drawings: floorplan and elevations

Review design with homeowner

Rework design (if needed)

Material selections

Plumbing Services Offered:

The Beard Group offers a variety of plumbing services from clearing clogged drain lines to repairing broken pipes. We also offer comprehensive troubleshooting and repair. Because The Beard Group is a full-service remodeling company, we can repair any cosmetic or structural problem related to plumbing in addition to the plumbing repair itself. If a wall penetration is made to gain access to damaged plumbing, our carpenters and painters can make your home beautiful again after our licensed plumber stops the water. We can do all of this with only a single point of contact. No longer do you have to general contract a repair project, accommodating the schedules of multiple trades.

Plumbing Services

Service and Repair

Leaks, drips, poor water quality, odor, noisy pipes, clogged or slow moving drains, water stains on a ceiling or wall, or any other plumbing issue: we have decades of experience on staff and we’re ready to help!

Garbage Disposals & Dishwashers

Are you in the market for a new garbage disposal or dishwasher? We can help. We will handle both the plumbing and electrical aspects of the project. From a simple replacement of an existing disposal or dishwasher to a new installation requiring a dedicated electrical circuit, The Beard Group’s in-house plumber and electrician can handle the task.

Fixture Replacement & Repair

Is a plumbing fixture in your home are not functioning properly? Dripping faucets, poor water pressure, leaky valves, loose or missing handles…these are just some of the problems we can repair. Our master plumber has 22 years of experience repairing and replacing old plumbing fixtures. Whatever your budget, we can get you up and running again.

Kitchen & Bathroom – Remodeling

Plumbing obviously plays a huge role in the remodeling of a kitchen or bathroom. This is the chance to replace all of the old galvanized supply lines with copper or Pex tubing. Old drain stack pipes can be replaced from top to bottom using PVC, never needing replaced again. When a complete remodel is performed, the replacement of all exposed plumbing is the best practice.

Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years dependent upon quality and frequency of use. When your hot water tank begins to leak or simply stops providing enough hot water, it is time for it to be replaced. Hot water tanks can be gas or electric. Replacement generally takes only a few hours. We will be happy to provide an estimate prior to work start and haul away your old tank upon completion.


Have a need to relocate a utility sink, hose bib or other plumbing fixture? Not a problem. The Beard group can accommodate these needs without remodeling the entire space. If holes in your floor, walls, or ceiling are necessary we can provide both a plumbing and surface repair estimate.

Bathroom Updates for ADA / Aging in Place

Aging in place is becoming more popular these days. As baby boomers look forward to retirement, staying in the family home as long as possible becomes a priority. Whether you are one of these people or you are planning to move an elderly parent into your home, we can help. Most homes are not configured to accommodate wheel chairs and walkers, but they can with some intelligent design. Curbless shower stalls, specialty bathtubs, lowered counter tops, wider doorways, grab bars, etc…we can help!

Plumbing License #48435

Electrical Repair & Services Offered:

Project Portfolio

Electrical Repairs

Our licensed electrician can repair or replace your broken light, ceiling fan, light switch, outlet or defective circuit. We can also troubleshoot, repair or replace exterior lighting. Contact us to schedule a service call or free estimate.

Electrical Panels

If you have an older fuse box or a Federal Pacific brand breaker panel, you could be at risk for electrical problems. Allow The Beard Group to replace your outdated fuse box or electrical panel.


Do you have a light or outlet that works intermittently? Do fuses or circuit breakers keep blowing or tripping? Our licensed electrician will diagnose the problem and provide you with a repair estimate.


Have you considered adding lighting or electrical outlets to a room in your home? From the initial estimate to finish painting, The Beard Group offers the rare opportunity to have one point of contact for all phases of your project. We provide a comprehensive solution with our in-house licensed electrician as well as skilled plaster/drywall repair, carpentry, tile and painting staff. We also have an in-house licensed plumber!

Electrical License #47279


Painting Services Offered:


Spot Repair

Low and No VOC



EPA Lead Certified!









Flooring Services Offered:






We do not sell or install carpeting

Flooring Services