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Last Summer a client came to us with a challenge. Their beautiful Shaker Heights home was suffering from failing siding. The challenge was to match the style and material in replacing the old. The style is cedar “barn” siding. Barn style is thicker (almost 2″), wider (as much as 12″) and has a random wavy edge with a varying reveal. During our research, we discovered an Amish-owned company that specializes in re-claimed siding from torn down barns. To meet our needs, they proposed delivering siding taken from a barn in central Ohio that matched the profile we needed. Their cost to simply deliver the product to the driveway was almost $20,000. No thanks! We experimented with 5/4″ cedar planking sourced from our lumber supplier. With the proper blade angle and correct overlapping, we were able to mimic the style for much less cost while preserving the style of the home as required by the Shaker Heights building and architectural code. The result is evident in the pictures. Some before photos have been included to justify the need to replace.