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Still Dumping…But Doing The Right Thing

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This Summer we had the pleasure of performing a patio rehab project for a longtime client who had previously hired “roofers” to repair a moisture problem. The family was uneasy with the result. After careful digging, The Beard Group surmised that roofers had simply covered the larger problem, leaving behind serious framing flaws caused by years of water damage. It was a matter of time before the sagging roof line and damaged framing would allow water to seep yet again. A major tenet of Green Remodeling is Sustainability. Often our hand is forced into using less than desirable materials that contain VOCs or other questionable components. And yes, often much of the debris generated by demolition does end-up in a landfill. But if the project is well conceived and executed, the result can last a generation or more. The best remodels don’t need redone in just a few years, sparing us and the planet from undergoing another trip to the dump.