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Super Service!


As many of our clients already know, The Beard Group is proud to deliver personalized service and a quality finished product at a fair price. Our industry is saturated with skilled (and not-so-skilled) tradespeople, designers, handymen, etc. We knew from the beginning that to differentiate ourselves we must deliver a more complete package. Our focus has always been to provide and promote clear and open client interaction and to utilize better quality materials and practices in our work. All of this goes towards keeping us top-of-mind for clients that share our values.

Embracing and implementing this philosophy was not much of a challenge for us. We, like may of you, choose quality in our personal purchasing decisions. Services, restaurants, hotels, produce, appliances, shoes, dentists, automobiles….”cheap is expensive” is a mantra often uttered between Chris and myself. We expect quality and responsive service when it is reflected in the price. It is innate and primal that we strive to deliver the same in our business. Anything less would seem odd to us. Admittedly, sometimes we fall short. When we do, we are very critical of ourselves and our staff. Improvements are always being made.

The payoff: We were just awarded the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award in not one, but TEN categories. From Kitchen & Bath Remodeling to Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, Carpentry and Handyman Services, we are apparently ranked among the top 5% of service providers in Northeastern Ohio. We are proud! But we also know our reputation is only as good as our most recent client experience. So “Thank You!” for 2010. We are already working obsessively to exceed your expectations in 2011! More coffee please…