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Take Your Pick…


We have an amazing sub-contractor for refinishing and installing hardwood flooring. No…not Bellawood, Pre-Finished, Pergo, or Engineered, but real 3/4″ tongue and groove, red or white oak (sometimes pine) hardwood flooring. I would tell you his name, but then our well-kept secret wouldn’t be so precious. The results are always top-notch. We use him as a sub because we prefer to do things before and after he works his magic to make the finished product that much better; more of a Beard Group product…and that takes time and money, thus the “sub” status. One thing he does for our clients (and his own I presume) is the color grid. After the floors have been sanded and patched, prior to the final sand and buff, the above picture is what our clients can expect to see when they arrive home. Take your pick…choose a color. Your floors are going to look fantastic.