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Taking the Lead on Lead (as in Zeppelin)


The Beard Group, Ltd is an EPA Certified Lead-Safe Remodeling Firm. Two of our project leaders are independently certified and two more are scheduled to undergo training and certification this July.

According to various sources, as little as 30% of contractors across all trades in the State of Ohio are EPA Certified. Scary!

Anyone disturbing more than 6 square feet inside any one room in your home or a total of 20 square feet on the exterior must be certified and follow safe-handling practices if your home was built before 1978 and tests positive for the presence of lead.

If a positive test result occurs, the contractor must inform you. You are then obligated to discolse your knowledge when you eventually sell your home.

We don’t test for lead! We follow the EPA guidlines for safe handling on any project that exceeds the minimum square footage threshold. We feel the EPA handling guidlines make for quality practices regarding cleanliness and containment anyway, so why put you in a position where you must disclose negative information about a rather ubiquitous situation?  We’ll just assume the worst.

If you have concerns about the presence of lead in your home, let us know. We’ll be happy to test free of charge. But we’d also be happy to not test and just get to work…the right way!

So come on…let’s get the lead out! (you had to know that was coming)