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“I give The Beard Group 10++++. Because we have gotten burned by other contractors in the past, we were leery of anyone when considering people for our dream kitchen.
We chose The Beard Group after many interviews to do a smaller scale project to see if “they passed the test”. Then when the time came for the big kitchen project, it was clear that they were right people. They met with us at our convenience to discuss the project and provided us with a free consultation and detailed proposal. There was absolutely no pressure or requirement for a down-payment.
What I loved about their quote was that this was the “worse-case” scenario price – we have a 1920’s home and strange things pop up all the time. Throughout the entire project there was no nickel-and-diming. Going through a kitchen remodel is stressful enough, so I was glad not to have to worry about price changes. Given the large scale of the project, new things did come up but no price fluctuations. They even gave me a credit when I didn’t go with a certain number of lights or a when I chose to go with a different heating option.
They were pretty much on schedule – ten weeks. The project ended up going longer because I added two additional projects to the adjacent rooms. Every day throughout the three-month project, they showed up at 8:20 a.m. and did not leave until at least 5 or 5:30 p.m. They even came on the weekends on several occasions.
The house was always left clean on a daily basis – no nails, no tools, and no dust outside the work space. Truly honest work! Like most homeowners, we inspected the work every day and were always delighted to see progress.
Now, to the most important matter – the people. I know everyone on their team by name and they are simply wonderful people. There were never strange faces in my house. The owners, Chris and Jason Beard, are unbelievably professional, fun and simply good-hearted.
The quality of the work was superb. I wouldn’t accept anything less….and The Beard Group delivered!”

Kurt L. Cleveland Heights, OH


“The purchase of our new home was predicated on the expense we needed to incur in order to transform it into our dream home. Prior to purchasing the home we met with the Beard Group and walked through the home several times. They prepared, as best they could, a detailed estimate of the scope and cost of the work required, based on our needs. We also had other companies look at the job and none were as thorough or detailed as the Beard Group.
With several further meetings to discuss design plans, the decision was made to purchase the home and the Beard Group swung into action immediately. The interior demolition was completed quickly and every day, any mess was cleaned up and there was never any damage to other parts of the home. Internal structural walls were removed, stairwells were removed and bathrooms taken back to the studs.
Not only did they listen to our needs and tastes but they delivered exactly to our expectations. We were amazed by the entire team’s ability to think on the fly, execute perfectly and exceed our expectations as it related to finish and quality.
As we moved through each step of this six-month renovation, we were continually updated on progress against the timeline proposed, and even more importantly, against the financial plan/proposal.
There were even items during the renovation which had been included in the quote, which as it turned out, were not needed to be completed during the renovation, and the Beard Group provided us credit for those items.
We had multiple teams from the Beard group working in different parts of the home at any given time, between plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and builders. We were always treated with the utmost respect and it was never lost on the Beard Group that this was our home – they took great care every step of the way.
As the project continued, we added more rooms to the job such was our satisfaction with the work the Beard Group had performed. We have absolutely no reservation in recommending the Beard Group for ANY home improvement project (large or small). We will ONLY be using the Beard Group moving forward for any additional work we choose to undertake. We are more than happy to speak further with anyone considering the Beard Group and likewise open our doors for anyone who wishes to inspect their workmanship.
We could not be happier – they transformed a nice home in need of some work, into our dream home!!”

Andrew J. Shaker Heights, OH


“They arrived on time, got gear unloaded and job started quietly, quickly and efficiently. The work was done before the estimated time and done well, in extreme heat. There was an issue at the end, but Jason fixed it by going above and beyond the expected, at no extra cost. I was very impressed by his kindness and integrity.”

Rebecca R. University Heights, OH


“I wish there was a score higher than an A for this group. They are very responsive, answer calls and come by when they say they will. David handled most of the work we needed done and he was absolutely so conscientious, neat, and professional, and friendly that it almost seemed as if a member of the family came by to help. He was a true plumbing artist and made sure everything we needed done was finished absolutely correctly. It is beautiful.
This is a 70 year old house so he did run into a little problem with one of the pipes behind the wall leaking after he had installed the sink. He fixed it – a hole had to be made in the wall. The extra charge for that was fair and the Beard support group of other handy people artisans fixed my wall as good as new. I had previously used other plumbers to install and fix two other toilets in my home and they always wobbled as if you were on board a ship. David fixed these and they are sturdy. Amazing work!”

Alice B. University Heights, OH


“This was a rush job before a Christmas party. Even with a busy holiday schedule, the company met our deadline. The doors look great and like they were always there.”

Daniel P. Cleveland Heights, OH


“The Beard Group showed up punctually for the estimate, and worked with our timeline for having the house stained and painted. They worked alongside the painting crew seamlessly, and did a great job with cleanup from a project that produced a lot of debris.”

Daniel P. Cleveland Heights, OH


“Dave fixed several plumbing issues, including: Leaking tub fixture, pinhole leak in a basement cold water line, retrofit existing cw line to a greenhouse fixture, several minor faucet issues, and a clothes dryer gas line problem. He was on time, efficient and seemed to know what he was dealing with and how to resolve the problems quickly. He had to return to complete one of the repairs a few days later, and once again showed up right on time. A really nice guy, I might add! I had used Jason and Chris Beard for a bath remodeling project (which turned out beautifully) about five years ago; when I saw they did plumbing too I did not hesitate to call them. Very professional and great to work with!”

Susan S. Moreland Hills, OH


“The entire staff at The Beard Group is very personable, trustworthy, conscientious, and clean up after themselves. They’ve been doing work for me for the past three years and do an excellent job. I’d use them again and highly recommend them to others!”

Andrea A. Cleveland Heights, OH


“Excellent quality work, and they do absolutely everything. They paint edges perfectly straight, all dust is always swept up, and there is never any debris left around. They have provided extremely helpful advice on how to execute a project that will meet my needs but still be cost effective. They are courteous and respectful of the disruption to household when having work done. They are excellent with pets. They even left my house in the middle of a project when my baby was having a nap so as not to disturb him. A pleasure to work with.”

Carey N. Shaker Hts., OH


“The Beard group was excellent. They were timely and called back right away. Their work is very professional and they gave good advice. Cost was reasonable.”

Steven G. Cleveland Heights, OH


“I was impressed by the professionalism and consistency of The Beard Group. Before the job started, Jason Beard thoroughly went through the estimate with me and explained the order of things to be done. The work was well done and the men were pleasant and professional.”

Eliesha N. Cleveland, OH


“All the workers for The Beard Group were very polite. The work was done extremely efficiently and everything was cleaned up at the end of every day. The finished product was great! We were very happy with the work performed and will call again for any future projects.”

Jennifer F. Shaker Heights, OH


“Everything looks good and you folks at The Beard Group are fantastic! Extremely reliable, and swift in getting the job done, superior quality workmanship and nothing 1/2 baked.”

Sabina S. Cleveland Heights, OH


“The thing that really struck me was how clean and considerate the Beard Group team was throughout the job. Each day they cleaned their work area. Each day they would come and go with very little disruption. At the end of the job, they insisted on going through all finished details and correcting anything we weren’t happy with. They even addressed small issues we hadn’t seen! Their work is immaculate.”

Nora R. Cleveland, OH


“This was a big project. We basically reclaimed the kitchen as a vibrant social space and we could not be happier with the Beard Group crew, their craftsmanship, professionalism, and congeniality. The finished product is phenomenal, and we love spending time in the new, highly functional remodeled cook’s kitchen. We have no regrets and regularly receive compliments about the kitchen. Choosing a kitchen contractor is not easy…we chose the right people and would wholeheartedly seek out the Beard Group to undertake and manage our next project.”

Karen & Ben J. Cleveland Heights, Ohio


“The Beard Group did a ton of work. They do tremendous amount of job in terms of attention to detail. They are very responsive to calls. Based on our experience, we had contractors for pretty much everything in the house – from the roof to the basement, to the windows to painting. We had everybody in and they were truly outstanding.
My wife and I are both attorneys and we are in another type of service business where we make sure the clients get the attention they need and then take complicated issues and make them as clear as possible to a layperson.
They are the first contractors that bring that type of professional approach to the work. We recommend them to everybody that is having work done. They are the only contractor that we never had to worry about the quality, the cleanliness, and the responsiveness. Whoever asks, we absolutely recommend The Beards first and foremost.
They are very good about updating their estimates on a regular basis. We have a hard time getting written estimates on a regular basis from contractors, but they update theirs and email them every couple of months.”

George A. Cleveland Heights, OH


“They did a great job. They were very professional. We were happy with them. I know I have neighbors on my street that are happy with them as well. I don’t remember the price, but it must have been really reasonable. They were pretty good with responsiveness. They got here in the morning and got it done.”

Adrienne W. Shaker Heights, OH


“Jason and Chris came together for a walk-through and provided an initial estimate. During the walk-through they suggested how we could best accomplish what we wanted to do. The estimate seemed reasonable. In addition to doing what we asked for, they suggested a few items which would make our life easier.
We really liked their service because they were very willing to discuss any obstacles and enhancements as we went along with the project. Additionally, rather than nickel-and-dime every little thing that came up, they tried their best to keep our costs down. The crew was very professional. They came in the morning, performed their work, and cleaned up every day. They were very respectful of our time and their communication also reflected perfection, dedication and respect. We have since completed another project with them. We would definitely use them for any future work, and highly recommend them to our friends.”

Nicole M. Cleveland Heights, OH


“We have had The Beard Group perform numerous projects including: A) Construction of a pool-side gazebo; B) Two new window installations C) Interior Painting D) Hardwood floor/stair refinishing E) Three-season addition and E) Rebuilding a Deck.
All of our experiences with the Beard Group have been excellent and that is why we continue to contract with them. The workmen were efficient and courteous. The owners, before taking on a project, will work with you and understand your needs and what you are trying to accomplish. They offered ideas and suggestions and pointed out flaws in our plans and expectations (which saved us money and headaches). All the work was performed within budget and completed on time. The outcome of many of the projects exceeded our expectations. We have much confidence that the Beard Group is highly competent in their field of remodeling.”

Debra K. Eastlake, OH


“The Beard Group removed the old wood siding from the house. They used all new rough cut cedar and created a natural scalloped edge to the wood. It looks wonderful!
We completed the work in three phases due to the cost. They were very willing to work with our budget and the timing of the project.”

Kim B. Shaker Heights, OH


“We were very eager to remove our outdated and dirty green and white checked linoleum floor in our kitchen and mudroom. We also wanted to extend the new flooring to a screened-in patio. After a lengthy search for just the right slate tiles, we were ready to install. The tiles were 2’X2′, but we really wanted the tiles to be 1’X2′.
The Beard Group was very accommodating as they started cutting each and every tile…800 square feet of tile. Further, they took great care in ensuring each tile was placed in such a fashion to extend trends and patterns in the tile which was installed in a stacked pattern. The grout lines are perfect, with your eye extending down the straight lines. Like any project, this one came with a few challenges. The Beard Group was attentive to our needs after the project was complete to ensure we were completely satisfied. We were very appreciative and plan on utilizing their services in the future. The Beard Group has been performing services for us over the last five years. We value their professionalism, expertise and attentive service.”

Courtney S. Gates Mills, OH


“The Beard Group transformed a musty, boring “Builder’s Basement” into an elegant English Pub with a custom kitchen, granite countertops, remodeled bath and a children’s play area with work desk and game/toy closets and drawers. Considerable work was performed to accommodate plumbing and power for the addition of a refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal and microwave. Working from a design plan they added wainscoting throughout the basement, all new task lighting for kitchen and game areas including spotlights, pendant lighting, wall washers and extra outlets everywhere for convenience. The new lighting included separate “zone” switches for each area to control energy usage and accommodate different activities within the space without lighting the entire basement at once. Subtle stair lighting was installed for safety using low-voltage fixtures to provide safe access and avoid blaring light which would compete with movie watching within the space. This low-voltage lighting required a special transformer which they located under the stairs away from the main activities. Every detail was considered. The space is beautiful and finished to perfection. After all that, they installed a custom hardwood floor stained and finished to match the hardwood throughout the rest of the house and a new mosaic marble bathroom floor.
It was exciting to see it evolve and they had to perform under a difficult time-restraint which we imposed and they accomplished with humor and grace. The planning and scheduling went smoothly considering the project had many facets of ordering and waiting for delivery: Electrical, plumbing, custom cabinets and installation, granite measure and installation and hardwood floors and bathroom tile requiring floor leveling and grouting. The Beard Group provided access to designer tile, fixtures, plumbing and finishes which we could not have accessed ourselves. We are now planning a bathroom remodel and a major kitchen renovation to achieve a more custom home with their help and expertise.”

Robert M. Chagrin Falls, OH


“I have been using The Beard Group for two years now. The biggest job they have completed was when I bought my home. I needed to get it up to code, and they went through the home and made sure that any violations were up to code.
I heard about them from a realtor. They are very professional, very informative, and comprehensive. They gave us a detailed outline of our questions. The level of caring they have with the people they work with and the service they provide shows that they have a lot of pride in their work. It shows through in every job that they do. Every little detail is important to them when they perform a job. I use only The Beard Group and don’t call anyone else.”

Tanyanika T. Cleveland, OH


“They came out and re-did our garage. The service went fine. They communicated very well. They were prompt and they kept our home clean. The end product looks good. Overall, we were very satisfied. I would recommend them.”

Daniel & Naomi S. Cleveland Heights, OH


“The Beard Group performed all repairs required for the Shaker Heights Point of Sale Violations list on the foreclosed home we purchased. The list seemed endless, but The Beard Group effortlessly did it all and managed any subcontractors required.
They provided an estimate with very short notice. Their crew came out on time every time they were scheduled to be here. All work was performed quickly and well with superlative quality. The cost of the work was always in alignment with what was quoted. These guys are a real class act. I recommend them to everyone, and will certainly hire them again!”

Quinn B. Shaker Heights, OH


“Did a wonderful complete remodel on my family room – literally down to the frame and back again. Worked with me to develop solutions to tricky problems and the result was a room that the family all enjoy spending time in.
The Beard Group did all their work to the best of standards and organized their time effectively with the other people working on the job. Great communication via phone and/or email at all times and very accommodating when unexpected changes in plan came up!”

Kath B. Shaker Hts., OH


“They built a detached garage. They had demolished the existing garage and cement slab and did all new stuff. They were excellent. They were timely and called back right away. They work is very professional and gave good advice.”

Steven G. Shaker Heights, OH


“The other estimators who came out suggested what was within my budget and not what I wanted. However, this company really listened to me and quoted what I wanted them to quote instead of quoting as per my budget. They are nice people. I am comfortable with them being in my house when I am not around. They seem really trustworthy. I will definitely use them again in the future.”

Angela F. Cleveland, OH