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In this little place on the web we intend to offer advice, valuable links, and chronicles of our successes and tribulations both in and out of the many homes we work so hard to care for….all with the intent of helping you make your house a place you love and proudly call “home.” Perhaps along the way, you might find a few chuckles and realize you are not alone in the gut-wrenching realities of home improvement. This blog will be fun and educational for us and hopefully you too! Part of our goal is to narrow the gap between the professional and the homeowner/DIYer. Perhaps we will dispel a few myths and shed some light on the oversimplified portrayal of home improvement often seen in our popular media. A few good doses of reality sprinkled with a few laughs might be good for us all. We are glad you are here and hope as this page evolves, it will be time well spent.

– The Beard Group Ltd